Thursday, March 24, 2016

Difficult to upgrade to Windows 10

When I upgraded my home PC to Windows 10, I faced a lot of difficulties. It took a long time to download and install the new software. On several stages of the process, the computer appeared to hang, as nothing happened for a long period of time. I must have restarted the computer on a few occasions. Finally, I completed the upgrading but was not sure if it was done correctly.

Microsoft kept prompting me to upgrade the computer in my office, and I avoided it. I was happy with Windows 7.

I finally decided to upgrade the office PC today. I faced the same issue. It took a long time to go through the process and the computer appeared to hang as nothing happened for a long time. I restarted it and it continued the upgrading but came to another halt.

After one hour, I left the computer on in the office, not knowing if the upgrading is being continued or not.

Why can't Microsoft make their upgrading easier and give clearer information to the user on what is happening?

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Bai Hu said...

I encountered this irritating problem as well. Microsoft has this tactic to 'force' you to upgrade by pushing irritating prompts everyday (yes! a few times everyday) asking you to upgrade. I am already quite OK with my original pre-installed Windows 8 and would not wanna bother. So now i just continue to click 'another 8 hours later' just to 'postpone' the time.

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