Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Expect huge and loud demonstrations for Bernie Sanders

If Bernie Sanders does not win the Democratic nomination or lose the general election, I expect him to be active in the "revolution".

He will put forward proposed legislation on the topics set out in his campaign and millions of his supporters will march in the streets and telephone their representatives and senators in Congress to support the legislation.

Previously, Bernie Sanders was not well known, so he could not mount this kind of demonstration. Now, he is so well known and liked by his supporters that these demonstrations will be a common event. He will be able to draw huge crowds and loud crowds.

Whether Bernie Sanders is in, or out of the White House, we can expect to see a very different America. It will outshine the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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Anonymous said...

Who ever becomes the president must not make the same mistakes as what Europe made. They are now paying for their mistakes.

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