Friday, March 25, 2016

How Bernie Sanders plan to win New York State

Dear Bernie Supporter -
Today our Targeting Analyst, Ben Muirhead, came over to my desk and told me that we can win New York State – a critical upcoming contest, with 247 pledged delegates at stake – but we need to register 13,000 more new New York voters in time for the deadline, which is TOMORROW, March 25th.
We've done the math, and if one thousand of you get on the phones this afternoon and evening for two to three hours each to call unregistered New Yorkers, we can hit this goal.
Since February 1st, in every primary or caucus where we’ve won or picked up significant delegates, the participation of new and young voters has been essential. In the states coming up, we can do very well if we focus our efforts on expanding the electorate, and then make sure those new voters turn out.
Time is short, and our goal is big, but it’s nothing compared to what this movement has already accomplished.
Thank you for all you do.
In solidarity,
Claire Sandberg
Bernie 2016

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