Friday, November 10, 2017

A confusing letter from SPGroup

Two marketeers visited my office to inform me that I could switch my power supply from SP group to Keppel Electric. I agreed and completed the tedious paperwork for the transfer.

I have now received a strange letter from SPGroup referring to "Application for Contestability Status".

The letter said, "Electricty used by contestable consumers is measured every half an hour using an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meter, which stores consumption data. The half hourly consumption data stored in the AMI meter is remotely read daily for settlement purpose:

We would like to share that AMI meters will need to be installed first. After which, we will arrange for the testing of remote downloading of the electrictiy consumption data before you can become contestable. No AMI meter installation is required if there is already an existing AMI meter at the premises".

What nonsense!

I have no clue what "contestability" is about.

SPGroup does not know whether an AMI meter is stored in my premises. Surely, they can check and inform me the actual status. Instead, I sent me a confusing letter.

This is the standard of service that comes with LHL's government. It is ridiculous.

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