Sunday, November 05, 2017

Coping with cost of living

A Malaysian told me about his experience in raising a family in Income.

He and his wife, both Malaysians, came to Singapore about 20 years ago. They do not qualify for HDB flats and had to rent a place to stay.

They had study loans to pay off. They did not earn a big salary in Singapore. They had to have financial discipline. Each of them draw out $90 a month from their bank account (where they deposit their salary). This was to cover their transport, meals and other expenses.

They were finally able to buy a HDB resale flat for $300,000. They became citizens later.

While life is tough for Singaporeans, it is also difficult for Malaysians who have to compete for jobs and cope with the high cost of living in Singapore.

The only advantage that a Malaysian has is that he does not have to serve National Service. This is a big burden for Singaporean males.

There are many challenges for Singaporeans and immigrants in Singapore. The government does not seem to understand these challenges and seem to have much difficulty in addressing them.

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