Monday, November 06, 2017

Voting systems

Do you know why most countries continue to use a manual voting system, instead of moving to an e-voting system?

You may get the impression that an e-voting system is susceptible to hackers and the votes to be compromised. This is not the real reason.

If you consider carefully, there is more chance for a manual voting system to be manipulated and for fraudulent actions to be taken.

The ballot boxes can be stuffed with fraudulent votes and the ballot boxes can be switched on transit to the counting center.

In many countries, the voting process is directly or indirectly controlled and supervised by the government in power. They like to keep to a manual voting system as it gives them more opportunity to take advantage of its weaknesses.

Naturally, they do not want to move to a more secure and efficient system, and lose this advantage.

Can an e-voting system be made secure from hackers and manipulation. Yes, certainly it can be done. You can view a prototype e-voting system that is explained here.

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