Monday, August 07, 2006

SMS to notify our policyholders about the repair to their cars

NTUC Income insures 200,000 vehicles. We received about 25 cases each day from our policyholder who is involved in an accident and make a claim under their motor policy.

Our policyholder is required to report the accident at an assessment center (Idac) and to leave their vehicle there. We arrange for a workshop to repair the vehicle. We carry out a post-repair inspection.

The whole process from reporting to completion of repair and collection of vehicle takes 5 to 7 days for most cases.

During this time, we notify our policyholder through SMS on the workshp that has been selected and the estimated completion date. We also notify them on progress of the repari.

Our policyholders welcome this initative. They are notifed about the status and are not interrupted by a telephone call.

In our weekly survey, our policyholders gave a high satisfaction rate of 98% to our handling of their repairs.

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