Thursday, August 10, 2006

Logic9 pocketbooks sell very well

We now sell 2,000 pieces of the Logic9 pocketbook and CD software EVERY WEEK at bookstores, Fairprice supermakets and Income branches.

Logic9 is now getting to be very popular!

You can play the puzzle in the pocketbook when you travel by bus, train or plane. It sells for only $5 and contain 128 puzzles at 4 levels. Each puzzle has a unique answer, so it is fun!

You can buy a package of 4 volumes with a CD (to play on the computer) for a special price of only $16 from our branches. This is so popular, that it sold out. New stocks will arrive soon.

The Logic9 package is a wonderful gift for a friend.

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Candy said...

I got this wonderful logic9 booklet from my friend during my pregnancy which I used it to keep myself occupied.

My hubby also used it to pass his time while waiting for me at the hospital.

It is a challenging game and we both had great fun solving the puzzle..

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