Saturday, August 12, 2006

We will honour claims for enhanced Incomeshield during the processing period

Mr Tan applied to convert his family existing Incomeshield plan to Enhanced Incomeshield in May.

Due to the high volume of applications and migration to a new computer system, our processing time took longer than the service standard. Hence Mr Tan was not told about the status of his conversion. He wrote to give his feedback in August.

We explained to Mr Tan of the current situation and assured him that if any claim arises within the processing time, we will honour the claim under the Enhanced Incomeshield terms. At the same time, we have requested our underwriter to expedite the processing.

Mr Tan's enhanced cover will commence on 1 September. He is happy with our assurance to honour any claim arises during the processing time, which is a fair practice.


We will give this assurance to the 60,000 applicants that are still on our waiting list, who are in the same situation as Mr Tan, subject to the conditions below:

For policyholders requesting equivalent upgrading to the Enhanced plans, e.g. Plan B to Enhanced Basic, the higher benefits will apply.

For policyholders requesting upgrade to a higher plan, e.g. Plan B to Enhanced Advantage, the benefits under the higher plan will apply if no policy exclusion is subsequently applied. Exclusions or limited terms will only apply if the insured member has already developed a medical condition.

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