Saturday, August 12, 2006

Agents keen to join NTUC Income

At our recent recruitment briefing, 19 agents out of 20 indicate interest to join NTUC Income.

My manager called six of them after the meeting. All are positive about joining Income. Here are their feedback:

* Income is different from other insurers.
* Income has a good reputation
* Impressed with our Leads System
* The CEO is convincing
* There is potential for Career Advancement
* Easier to market Income products.
* Likes the concept of the Insuarnce consultant.

Another manager called five of them. All of them want to join Income. Here are their feedback:

Another manager called five agents who are interested to migrate to NTUC Income. Here are their reasons:

* like our Cooperative values
* Had good experience with our Claims dept
* like our 1-tier structure
* Income has strong customer base
* Income offers office-based sales job
* Career advancement


VivaRevolution said...

Tan K L, why are you recruiting more agents when you want to sell direct to policyholders insurance at a better rate. In the end you will still need to pay the salary or commission of the agent. I suggest to you a method that will get everyone to buy insurance from you. Give a steep discount on your premium (say 70% ) and put it on the net for self application.

I assure you many people will apply.

Instead of doing this you are recruitig more agents and then selling us the product at the same old pricing.

You said that Income's products are cheaper than the other companies because you pay a lower commission. So if you omit commission completely - we should logically get a super discount deal correct? So let's have that now.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Here is my reply to VivaRevolution.

We are adopting a multi-channel approach.

We will have agents to sell to customers at their home.

Our business center allows the customer to see a salaried consultant.

In the future, most of the sales will be done through telephone.

Our customers will enjoy attractive terms (compared to other insurance companies), regardless of the channel that they come through.

Chong said...

i still need agent to do the job for me. to make the claims for me. how many people in Singapore think like you? I am sure you need to enquire about products information and the manning hotline staff will have to answer to you? They are paid. If you have a car and you got to renew your insurance. Who do it for you? What TanKL said is correct. He is a kind man. He gives the agents a livelihood and also adapt other channels to service the people. I have a good agent servicing me.

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