Saturday, August 12, 2006

Collect the Logic9 gift from our business center

Mrs Tan participated in our Flexi-link contest at our website. She won a Logic9 pocketbook as a gift. Here is her request and my reply.


Dear Mr Tan,

Firstly I would like to congrats your company’s innovative way of getting surveys done online. I believe that this is more effective and saves client's time.

When it comes to collection of gift token for participating, eg Logic 9 booklet, you make it very inconvenient and require us to collect it personally.

I suggest that you mail it to us. You can find our address from your database.


Dear Mrs Tan

I hope that you don't mind coming to our business center to collect the gift. When we offered the gift, we wanted to avoid the additional cost of posting the gift.
We also wanted our consultant in the business center to have a chance to talk to our policyholder.

Tan Kin Lian
CEO, NTUC Income

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