Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Crazy Horse Paris

Singapore has the Crazy Horse Paris cabaret. It is an interesting show. For those who have not experienced it, you should try it. It is at Clarke Quay.

Over the past 15 years, I visit the Crazy Horse show in Paris on two occasions. It was highly recommended. I enjoyed the show each time.

The show consists of several dance items. They featured girls dancing to music. The girls were scantily clad, but not totally nude. The show include colored lights shining on their bodies.

It is an erotic show, but is tastefully executed. Many ladies enjoyed the show.

In Paris, I paid about $200 to watch the show. The show in Singapore is almost of the same standard as in Paris and is available for less than $100. One can get the standard of Paris for half of the price.

NTUC Income has made a special arrangement for our policyholders to watch the show at a special discount of 20% (for 4 or more tickets). Call 6877 3366, if you are interested. This is for a limited period only.


VivaRevolution said...

Tan K L, I am not so keen about such shows as I am not as cultured as you.

Since you say it is an sensual show featuring near naked women, I am sure there will be some people like yourself who are very keen in such forms of erotic entertainment.

Freddy said...

MM Lee in his Constituency National Day Dinner speech said " lively city means more tourists and jobs". A wholesome and orderly place is no longer good enough for a new Singapore. He was encouraged by what he saw when he visited Clarke Quay recently. Tourists were still up and about at 4.30AM. He mentioned the Ministry of Sound and Crazy Horse in his speech. Although Crazy Horse is now only half full as the tickets are not cheap, if the management persevere, when the IRs are opened and more high rolling and spending tourists come, things will pick up for Crazy Horse

metalstamping said...

Yo Freddy, we do not need a 'parrot' here. Can't you express your own mind??

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