Friday, February 23, 2007

Kind words from a cooperator friend

Dear Kin Lian

For some reason or other, it is sad that you are departing from NTUC Income.

You have made yourself an icon in the insurance industry – and also in the credit co-operative movement.

Truly, you leave behind a legacy of business transparency, honesty and integrity
- which I hope Singapore and Singaporeans would always be grateful for.

Singaporeans cannot and will not forget your tremendous contributions and exemplary

Although, I have not known you well enough, I have always admired your guts as
well as your forthrightness and firmness - when there was a need for leadership and fairness.

I am sure you will soar further and reach new heights in your new endeavours - because - as Socrates says:-

"No evil can happen,
To a good man,
Either in life,
Or after death."

With my warm wishes always - and all the very best.


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