Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Chinese name, Liang

My colleagues presented a Chinese caligraphy to me as a farewell gift. It contains 1 large character, Liang. It contains a line of 8 characters using my Chinese name.

Here is the explanation:

Liang means bright, light, enlightened, open and clear.

The 8 characters is translated to:

You are admired for your contribution towards the cooperative movement, policyholders and the country at large. You are honest, upright and fair minded. You are a person of integrity, someone who is fair.

I am very touched by these words from my colleagues.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan,

In reading through your blog, I find that your writings become more objective and less biased after it is confirmed you are leaving Income.. a truer reflection of your Chinese name.


Anonymous said...

Happy Retirement Mr Tan!
Now u hv more time to write your blog for readers! Really look forward to more of your sharing!

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