Thursday, June 21, 2007

Difficult life of a taxi driver in Singapore



I refer to the post of your blog regarding grouses of taxi drivers in Singapore.

One thing I understand is that KL taxi drivers actually own the taxi after repaying off the whole amount. And more so happy when they costs the same as a Singapore taxi but in RM$. They do not have to answer to anyone.

In Singapore, a normal taxi costs about $60K+. The hirer has to pay rental of $90 on average everyday. After 2 full years, the costs of the taxi can be recovered back but the poor hirer still continue to pay rental to the company. He does not own the taxi. He is still working for the company. Worse still, there are no benefits like MC, CPF, leave, bonus,etc. & has to work like a slave to earn more than $90 per day so as to make an earning. There is no freedom. If the driver wants to rest by taking offday, he still has to pay rental.

Thus how can the Singaporean taxi driver be happy?

I personally feel taxi drivers in Singapore are a bunch of pitiful people.


Anonymous said...

Why do you pity them? It's an honest to goodness job. Taxi Drivers in KL have no benefits either.


In my 9 years here, i've 'rarely' met anyone who's happy about their job. Everyone has 'grouses'...and why? Mostly due to Money. Let's all admit it, isn't this society driven by monetary excellence? What else? High expectations has been drilled since we are young. High expectations of your 'maid', 'the guy at the front bank desk', 'your colleagues'. Everything is speed, accuracy, and excellence. Would anyone dare fail? What's this all boils down to? Higher stress ---> Grouses??

Is this only happening in Singapore? I don't think so. Maybe it's more evident here? Possibly?
So therefore, your statement may have to evolve to 'Thus how can Singaporeans be happy?'

Mr. Tan sir, please share some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

This is another case of giving your life to the Singapore System.

The only way to change this is deconstruct the political system, and reconstruct it.

The economy will then follow suit. We need entrepreneurs who work for themselves.

Not workers who work for the ****ing government.

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