Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hong Kong's public transport system


Hong Kong’s public transport network seems more well-connected and three-dimensional, consisting of railway, MTR, tram cars, bus, minibuses, taxi, ferries, etc; all these are viewed as convenient transportation means for residents. Hong Kong and Beijing' MRT interval seems to be 2 or 3 minutes only. Actually buses carry largest volume of passages in many large cities. "Public transit first" and public bus ways is also common in Hong Kong, Paris and Beijing, etc.

An interesting thing is, Hong Kong people seems more to enjoy the walking, I often see lots of people walking along lanes or walking-skyway in HK island, while Singaporeans seem less willing to walk, with walking-way system everywhere.


Anonymous said...

i think it could be becos of the weather difference.

it is nice to walk if the weather is not so hot here in Singapore

louist said...


i'm studying in the uk now and am quite happy to walk about most of the time (unless it's raining). in singapore you walk a bit and you're covered in perspiration.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is definitely the weather and also the fact that the terrain is much more interesting than Singapore. I have stayed in Hong Kong for two years and also visited it many times. In the new territories, the mountainous views and the cycling paths also provide a very enjoyable outing, especially in the cooler and drier months. Also, even in the city, the endless shops and the interesting neon lights all add to the enjoyment of walking to get bargains.
The precinct planning are also very good as I have no problems getting onto public transport to go anywhere from where I used to stay, Whampoa Gardens. The fact that the public buses are not a monopoly and several other smaller companies operate minibuses on an open competition platform ensures that market forces determine the balance of supply and demand. Even the design of the housing there, even though space is smaller than flats in Singapore, is better as I recall that even though the bathroom is smaller than my bathroom in Singapore, they managed to still have a bath, a W.C. as well as a vanity top whereas I am not able to put in a bathtub in my Singapore flat. I think something to do with the positioning of the pipes and doors. In short the design is more practical.

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