Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Someone described me as a "dude". I searched the internet for a definition. I obtained the following from Wikipedia:

The term "dude" is best known as a widely-used English slang word commonly used to informally address or refer to a person of the male sex. The word may also be used in the same manner when speaking to (or about) a person of the female sex.

In informal social situations, it is not uncommon for young men to use the word "dude" to address one another, for example, "Mike Smith is one cool dude", or "Who did that?", "[The] dude with the red shirt did that". (sis).

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Vitali said...

The word "dude" is indeed very common in the US - I used to use it quite often while studying there. It often (but not always) has a connotation of a "cool guy".

It even made it into a movie title, "Dude, where is my car?"

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