Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Singapore is getting over-crowded

Many of us may not realise it. But the population of Singapore had increased by 60% during the past 16 years. The population in 1990 was 2.7 million. It is now 4.3 million.

This large increase in population is affecting our daily lives in the following ways:

* demand for more hospital beds and doctors
* delayed buses and cramped trains
* congested roads, insufficient parking spaces, too many cars

It looks like the infrastructure has to be expanded considerably to cope with the larger population.

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Anonymous said...


The overcrowding will only get worse as our govt is targeting 6.5 million population!! I take the MRT daily and I can't see how it can take on additional commuters.

Perhaps our highly paid policy-makers are living in posh neighbourhoods, thus having no clue clue how life is like in the heartland. I can't help but laugh when our transport minister claimed to check bus-stops and public transports to gauge the situation....although he does NOT take public transport at all. I would like to tell him that there is a whole world of difference between merely checking as a bystander and actually suffering from overcrowded public transport day-in day-out!!

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