Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Overcrowded Singapore - a comment


The overcrowding will only get worse as our govt is targeting 6.5 million population! I take the MRT daily and I can't see how it can take on additional commuters.

Perhaps our highly paid policy-makers are living in posh neighbourhoods, thus having no clue clue how life is like in the heartland.

I can't help but laugh when our transport minister claimed to check bus-stops and public transports to gauge the situation....although he does NOT take public transport at all.

I would like to tell him that there is a whole world of difference between merely checking as a bystander and actually suffering from overcrowded public transport day-in day-out!!


Anonymous said...

this is so typical. complain but no action. remember, its you guys who put them there as ministers.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

You seemed to have censored my comments!!

So much for your openness. Will not visit your blog again!!

Edwin said...

With the circle line complete, there is hope that the over crowding in trains will ease.

I can't wait for the circle line to open,...

Singapore's public transport is very well integrated, and can be considered one of the lower price in developed countries. ie: Sweden, Australia and even the US.

Edwin said...

Oops... I clicked on send by accident in my earlier posting.

I mentioned before, the public transport system has to be looked at holistically. Basically, you have the Buses, trains and taxis all supporting each other.

On a budget, you will take the bus. You need to get to a place quicker, you take the train nearest to your final destination. You need to be sent to the doorstep of your destination, you take the taxi. You pay more for the level of service that you get. All of the above, will get you to your destination somehow, the thing is if you are willing to pay a premium for a higher comfort level, such as a premium CAB; sacrifice comfort level by taking a bus and train.

You pay for what you get.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Dear Anonymous

I do not "censor" any comment. Your original posting is still in my blog.

When I post a comment into my blog, I do some minimal editing to get the points more easy to read.

In you case, I have just broken a paragraph into two.

oinkoinkallthewayhome said...

Is is true that the traffic lights are manupilated when the dignitaries such as our PM, our SPM are travelling in their entourage. It is heresay info but won't I like to have this question answered, by who? I don't really know. Any ideas?

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