Saturday, June 23, 2007

Does Land Transport Authority listen to the public?


Mr Tan,

Any idea what is stopping LTA from implementing those simple ideas you have mentioned. These proven ideas had been urged and discussed by the public 15 years ago, - the efficient light feeder buses in Hk s one of them, the faster MTR in HK is another efficient service. But it seems our LTA always seems ignore pulbic advise. They turn left when you tell them to turn right. They went their own way, and now 15 years later, the transport is not economical anymore, and even worse, not efficient at all.

Like everyone said,- they should Listen to your customers first. They dont have to think so hard as customers feedbacks are enough of solutions to solving the transport woes.

They should not waste anymore time wasting taxpayers money that goes against the feedback of customers.

They should overhaul their internal problems. They should be overhaul to listen and be more responsive to the needs of customers, the commuters.

It is not worth employing high-paying expert who does not live in Singapore nor take a bus at all.

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