Monday, November 24, 2008

Gathering 100,000 signatures

Several people have written e-mails to encourage me to represent the views of the people through the political arena. I have sent these e-mails to The Online Citizen (after removing their names) for publication.

You can read them at

I will keep this blog largely focused on financial and insurance matters, especially the credit linked notes. There will be some mention about the "gathering 100,000 signatures" but it will be somewhat subdued. It will take a few months to gather the signatures, so this matter will quieten down after a few days.

Most investors have been badly affected by the credit linked notes. Your loss could have been reduced or avoided, if there were greater accountability by the authority. I suggest that you should print out the petition form and get 20 signatures or more.

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Donaldson Tan said...

I think it is important to maintain 1 or 2 officially designated petitions for online entry, which is recognised by you of course. This is just in case some PAP supporters post a fake petition site to steal signatures.

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