Monday, November 24, 2008

Guide on FIDREC process

MAS has put out a good guide on the FIDREC process. Please read it:

Key Things to Note About the FIDReC Fast-Track Dispute Resolution Processes for Disputes relating to the Lehman Minibond Programme, DBS High Notes 5, Merrill Lynch Jubilee Series 3 LinkEarner Notes and Morgan Stanley Pinnacle Series 9 and 10 Notes


Anonymous said...

Having been thru their process

Its really toothless

Dont believe? Try it really

Anonymous said...

they are pro FIs and not even fair.
FIDREC must be pro consumers as it was set up with this in mind to redress the consumers and not another court where debates take place. As long a there is slight evidence that the consumers are aggrieved and the misconduct by FIs or their representatives FIDREC must rule in favour of the consumers.The compensation must be equitable again consumers' favour. consider their position.
FEDREC must be manned by financial professions, eg by qualified financial planners and investment advisers and lawyers.These people can see the case in financial and legal perspective better.

Anonymous said...


Get it in your head.

Should be and IS are different concepts.

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