Sunday, November 23, 2008

Speak up for our rights

Dear Mr. Tan

It is very courageous of you to give a voice and help those Lehman and Pinnacle investors. I hope you do not get into trouble with the authority or banks.

You know I feel our senior X has tamed us Singaporean over the course of 20-30 years to just obey the authority. Whatever is implemented by the government, to just accept it!!!

We Singaporean do not dare to stand up for our rights and do not have a voice of our own unlike Hong Kongers, Thailand, Koreans who dare to street protest. But I do not think that street protest is not good for the economy.

If not for you, I do not think the Lehman/Pinnacle investors would dare to go to speakers corner or question the banks/ stock brokerage.

Mrs Y


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

What you have done for the victims is very laudable. But to be effective, you also need to know our authorities. You must know that our authorities never cave in to pressure of whatever kind. The harder you fight and push, the more resistant they will become. Hence it's no surprise what happened so far.

Remember the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzi's saying:

"Know yourself, know your enemies, 100 battles, 100 victories".

Anonymous said...

Honestly honestly so

Speaking up on this Little Red Dot makes no difference.

Monsoon said...

Very sad when in such crisis we should be working together as one country it has become a them and us mentality, this is a time when our government should reach out and help its citizens - we are living in two different world and talking through each other. The government has no experience and are afraid to gives legitimacy to prominent and serious alternative leaders like Mr Tan by talking to him as representative of the minibonds investors. The government prefer these investors to be fighting their battle individually against the FI etc. and of course we know these missold investors has no chance at all unless they are organised.

Anonymous said...

To Monsoon:

Don't give up until last mins.
The investors got chance if they are organised to sue the bank.

Must find a brave and good lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Pls visit the Chinese Forum (Zaobao) for more sharp discussion :

Anonymous said...

"Must find a brave and good lawyer."

yes i suppose so too

we will settle the EXTREMELY HARD part of getting them to go through Page 1 of your complaint form after that

Anonymous said...

MAS kaypoh number one.

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