Friday, July 03, 2009

Show of support?

I gave my intelligence quiz (vol 1 and vol 2) and shape quiz to a non-Singaporean friend. He decided to buy 200 sets of each item to be given to the staff of his company. He wanted to show his support, in return for some help that I gave to him many years ago.

I appreciate his generosity. This type of attitude appears to be somewhat missing among Singaporeans. Most of us are too busy thinking of ourselves, and do not act to show support for others.

Someone posted a comment that my blog should not be promoting my products, as it should focus on giving advice on "insurance and investments". I do not know if this comment comes from a Singaporean, but I have a strong feeling that it does.

There are a few appreciative Singaporeans, but perhaps too few. They sent "thank you" cards or e-mail to me. One sent me a nice book. Another sent me a box of chocolates from Hawaii.

The easiest way to show your appreciation is to buy my books to give to your friends or to help in promoting my books. You can order them here.


G C said...

Hi Mr Tan,

I find your blog most informative in the field of insurance. I also find your advise and writings and comments are most sincere and carry the warm that are most lacking today.

I also believe by reading from your blog you are truly honest in what you want to serve the people.

I also believe that is nothing wrong and it is absolutely right to promote your products in your own blog. It is up to the readers to buy or no that up to them.

I truly find no only Singapore but the world that we live in today, need people like you who believe in using your knowledge to provide advise to the public.

I am from Malaysia K L and sincerely thanks as I have gain much and enjoy visiting your blog.

G C Tham K L

Anonymous said...

I am Singaporean.

I think it is perfectly fine to use your own blog to advertise whatever you deem fit, even if it is not your own product/services.

Keep up the good work!

Redstar said...

Your blog is your platform to your audience. You wrote a book. You promote it on your blog. What's wrong? Nothing illegal here. Maybe just jealous of your book.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan, I find your blog very interesting to read. Better still if your blog includes business opportunities and advertisements. Many of us are interested in making extra income and passive income on top of our normal boring day jobs.

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