Monday, October 11, 2010

Fake insurance policy

Read this story.

If you are investing a large sum of money, do not hand it to an insurance agent. Make the payment directly to the insurance company. The policy may be fake.


JRT said...

I cannot understand why the AIA agents say "be mindful of what you are signing"

Where's the trust that the buyers put in the agents?

If all buyers were to check what they are signing, it means they have no trust in the agents, then they may as well buy direct from the insurance companies, get a copy of the policy and go home to study in detail or even get legal aid

i think for the agents now to throw the burden of this saga back to the buyer is very irresponsible. Personally, it sounds like the buyer asked for it, and if the buyers deserved to be conned for being so gullible

yujuan said...

Do not let people know you have funds idling in your bank accounts, not even to your closest friend, as the Chinese saying goes - the closest to you is the actual and deadliest enemy.
So beware of your bank relationship manager and your long time stock broker, and of course your insurance agent,they have your financial information at their finger tips. Greed is the fashion
in Singapore now, and will be even more the norm in our materialistic society, unwittimgly being helped by the two casinos, which are devils in disguise.

C H Yak said...

History repeats itself in so short a time...very damaging to FAs and the industry.

Contrast with the LTA fraud case.

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