Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Apply for Visa to Australia

I am visiting Australia and was told that I had to apply for a visa.

I searched online for "Apply Visa to Australia" and found a link to a website. I was surprised that it was so easy to apply online for this visa. This website was easy to use - unlike many websites of large government agencies and corporations.

I decided to search for "Apply Visa to Singapore" and found a link to this website. It was complicated to use - reflecting the convoluted process that is quite common in Singapore. I am reviewing it from the perspective of a foreigner wishing to check if a visa is needed to visit Singapore.

We need to adopt a simple approach and handle the complexity internally, instead of pushing the complexity to the public.

Tan Kin Lian


Tan Kin Lian said...

I wanted to ask them about the visa fee, which was not stated in the website. I searched for "Contact Us" and form a web form. It asked for my name, email address and allowed me to type a message. It was easy to send them the message.

Most websites in Singapore makes it painful for you to send a message. We have to learn from other people how to make life easier for customers.

symmetrix said...

I suspect this is a 3rd party website that feeds into the Aus Immigration Dept's website. So there may be double fee charging here.

What I have been doing is to go to MISA Travel Service in Chinatown with my passport. They issue a multiple-trip, 1-yr tourist visa on the spot. Damage done = $10 only.

symmetrix said...

While the Aus website may be easy to use, pls note that they charge USD 39 for an ETA visa. One can get it done the low-tech way physically, at a local travel agt, for SGD 10.

I wonder if the high high-tech price is due to high cost of technology, or middleman charging excessive markup, or a price we have to pay for convenience doing things online?

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