Monday, October 30, 2017

A full time career in SAF

I met a young man who would soon be called up for full time national service.

His family is in financial difficulty. He now helps his mother to operate a stall, but when he is called up, his mother will find it difficult to employ an assistant for the stall.

I suggested to the young man that he should sign up as a full time soldier and earn a normal salary.

He holds a N certificate and wondered if this would affect his chance of getting a good vocation in the SAF.

My view is that the SAF needs people who are willing to be soldiers out in the field, including commandoes. Many Singaporeans do not want this kind of work. If he is willing to do it, he would get a good chance of being selected.

The SAF also provides good training for their full time soldiers. He can improve his education and skills through these training courses. He would have a good opportunity to advance in the SAF career.

He asked if it is possible for a full time solder to earn enough to raise a family. I believe so. I have seen many full time solders, who were below the officer ranks, and were able to raise a family.

Do you agree with my view on this matter? I do not really know the work conditions in the SAF for ordinary soldiers, but I think it should be quite good. Right?

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