Friday, November 03, 2017

E-voting system

I created this website to show how an electronic voting system can work in a country.

I used America as an example. However, the same concept can be used in other countries, including Singapore.

The paper based voting system is inefficient and is liable to fraud.

An e-voting system is also liable to fraud but the fraud can be controlled and monitored.

The approach that I use is to have the votes stored in three separate servers under the control of three independent groups of officials and external auditor.

It would be difficult for any developer or hacker to access all the three servers and manipulate the votes.

There is a process to monitor the votes in all three servers throughout the election day and to report votes that do not match. This allows the officials to be alerted to any potential manipulation.

The home page contains all the links to explain the e-voting process and the control measures.

Which country will be the first to adopt this e-voting process?

Click here.

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