Monday, October 30, 2017

For the good of the country

Rachel Ash said:

Mr. Tan. I am curious when or where is the threshold is before the general population realized there is something not quite right in the running of many of these government linked companies? Will it be too late then?

The general population does not appear to have a consistent yardstick when they assess the performance of the ruling party and opposition parties. They appear more forgiving to the ruling party but yet held the opposition parties to a much higher standard.

Used to be the issues often arise from policies but today it seems issues include the ruling party (as observed from comments from social media) - party agendas, play with words, double standards, in-fighting, riding with arrogance on the coat-tails of founding fathers, many new leaders were not elected as such by the people but too often riding on the coat tails of their senior members.

Then these same are parachuted to senior post in the cabinets, earning full salaries while on the job training.

We shouldn't look so far as the MRT but instead we should look at the source of the problem and where the culture is infecting slowly but surely throughout the island.

We really need a fresh direction be with the ruling party or a new two or three parties government. PM said he is likely to step down in about 2 years time and the successor will come from cabinet but are there any members in the parliament who is able to command the respect of the majority of our people.

For the good of country, we need to look pass ego, one-up showmanship, personal/party agenda, non-transparency, non-accountability, divisive policies and etc.

Regardless of race, language or religion we are still one people and that is they way we were brought up and let it be so till the end of times.

I agree with the views expressed by Rachel Ash.

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