Monday, October 30, 2017

Independent news websites

A few independent news websites started during the past years. They had to close down due to "lack of funding". The latest casualty is "The Middle Ground". An earlier casualty was "Inconvenient Questions".

These professinally run news websites had to incur high cost in employing journalists, editors and photographers. They were not able to get readers to subscribe and pay for their news. They did not get enough online advertisements to support their operations.

So, they closed down.

It is easy for individuals and volunteers to give their opinions in blogs and Facebook profiles. Usually, these are opinions and are different from journalism. Journalism are based on interviews with people who are directly affected by an event.

With the closing down of the independent news websites, we are now left with the maintream media for these news. This is not healthy. We need an independent source of news which is not controlled by the establishment or their advertisers.

How can we help the independent news websites to be sustainable?

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