Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Analyse your data

I get angry when I see this sign in the bus. Why?

I saw this sign for the past two years. The Land Transport Authority is aware of the need to analyse the data to adjust the buses on each service to meet demand.

I also suspect that they are NOT analysing the data. It is obvious to me that some services have more buses than needed and some have less buses than needed. This explains why some buses are relatively empty while others are packed.

By putting up this sign on all buses, is the LTA pushing the blame to commuters? There is a hidden message, "Because some of you do not tap out, we are not able to analyze the data accurately".

This is nonsense. The percentage of commuters who do not tap out is small (maybe less than 10%? They are well distributed over all the services.

Common sense tells me that you can analyse the data and still get quite reliable results for scheduling purpose.

The LTA does not need to pay $400,000 in consulting fees to me (well the government paid this sum for the design of the bin center, right?). I will be happy to help them for FREE, as part of improving the public transport service.

Is LTA interested?

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