Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Check medical history at time of application

An insurance company manager told me. In Japan, an insurance company checks the medical history of a person before accepting him or her for health insurance. The insurance company is not allowed to reject a medical claim of that person due to non-disclosure of past medical history.

They know that the insured person may not be familiar with the need to declare the past medical history or may not remember about it.

I was told by an ex-Singaporean, who migrated to USA, that the insurance company will send a doctor to examine a policyholder before accepting him or her for health insurance. I am not sure if they do it only for older applicants.

We need to follow the practice adopted in Japan and America.

The insurance company in Singapore should not be allowed to reject a claim on the grounds of alleged non-disclosure of the past medical history.


Anonymous said...

This is correct. Then what is the point of having a 12 month incontestability clause? The onus of checking lies with the insurer before approval of an insurance cover.

Tan Kin Lian said...

The 12 month incontestabily clause applies to life insurance contracts. Strangely, there is no such clause in a health insurance contract. Perhaps the regulator should insist that such a clause be inserted in health insurance.

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