Friday, November 03, 2017

An excellent process

I visited a shirt distributor located on the same floor as my office in Midview City. The name is Ark Industries. I wanted to buy 10 polo shirts.

The sales manager showed me samples. I selected a suitable type and color.

She does not require me to make any payment or sign a sales order. She would send me a quote and I could accept it by email.

I find this process to be wonderful. This is an excellent company with an excellent process.

Most companies would require me to print out the quotation, sign on it, add a company stamp, and fax it to them.

This company just ask me to accept the quotation by replying to the email. Their quotation contain the full drescription of the product and the terms of the sale. They are well protected by contract.

When I collected the goods, I would pay cash to them. That is all.

Most companies in Singaore have complicated and troublesome process. They make life difficult for their customers. Their troublesome process is unnecessary.

Ark Industries is an exception. They are outstanding.

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