Friday, November 03, 2017

A new business model

usually pay $10 for a haircut. Recently, a new salon opened. It offered hair cut for $5 (promotion). I went in.

The barber had 10 years of experience in a salon. He was quite friendly and chatty.

After a while, he told me that my hair was oily. What cream do I use? I told him that I have not used cream, gel or oil for a long time.

He asked if I like a scan of my scalp. He then proceeded to scan my scalp and showed me the result on a screen. He pointed out the area where my scalp was covered by dead cells and where the pores were blocked.

I needed a scalp treatment. I was not sure if the screen showed my scalp or it was some pre-recorded images. No, thank you.

I will not visit that salon any more. This is a new business model, right?

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