Friday, June 18, 2010

Buying Cash Value Insurance

Read this article. A consumer ask about a cash value insurance that he is considering. There are many interesting and educational comments from other readers about this product. These comments generally apply to Singapore as well.


Anonymous said...

10 out 10 posts are against cash value insurance products. Insurance is for protection and NOT for funding any of your retirement. It is the stupidiest thing to do.
It is true that now insurance agents are disguised as financial consultants and there are those even with a prefix 'senior or executive'.What senior or executive? maybe senior conmen or women or executive conmen and conwomen. It is load of rubbish and it misrepresents what they do.It is cheating the consumers. They don't consult but peddle, push and traffic in products that earn them huge commission.
Consumers must avoid these wolves in sheep's clothing. They have nothing to help you but themselves.

Anonymous said...

There is one social enterprise company whose ceo is very proud to call the insurance agents super duper sales champions although they have misleading titles like senior or executive financial consultant. Very aptly, in fact.
They are nothing but super dupers who dupe their customers into buying products that pay them high commission.
If MAS doesn't intervene who knows these people might call themselves other names to con consumers into thinking they are financial experts.

Anonymous said...

There are many evidences that participating products are scam, not only here but everywhere. Heed this warning or else buy at your peril.

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