Saturday, June 19, 2010

Plan ahead for future MRT interchange stations

Published in Straits Times Forum Page, 19 June 2010

When the MRT system was developed three decades ago, the planners did a great job in designing the interchange station at City Hall and Raffles Place. It is easy for the commuter to change train by walking to the platform within a short distance.

However, the planners did not plan ahead for the expansion of the MRT system.

When the North East and Circle Lines were developed later, the platforms for these lines at the interchange stations had to be located quite far away, due to engineering and safety issues. Commuters have to walk quite a long distance to transfer from one line to another at the Dhoby Ghaut and other interchange stations.

As we are building new lines for the MRT system, it is better to plan ahead for future interchange stations, including those that are not on the drawing board now.

I suggest that every third station on a new line should be planned ahead as an interchange station, using the design of City Hall. This will make it easy to connect a new line in the future. Although this may increase the cost marginally, it can be recouped from the cost savings in the future. The convenience to the commuters will be immense.

Tan Kin Lian


Lye Khuen Way said...

Ha ! I recalled Mr Tan mentioning about this Letter to ST some time ago.

Why published now ?
Could there be some link /write-up soon after the Wed's Orchard Road Flood ?
The current wisdom was to take into consideration the past "20 to 30 years rainfall data" for the underground MRT Stations.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan, you should know Deaf Frogs are deaf, they won't listen to you one lah.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Here are my ideas about the design of the "spare" interchange station.

If it is an underground station, another level (below) should be constructed at the same time as the level that is being used. The escalator can also be built.

The lower level can be used as a shop during the initial period.

When the interchange station is to be used, the shop can be removed so that it can be used as a station for the new line. The doors can also be used at that time.

If it is an overhead station, the spare level should be the next higher up level, and it can also be used as a shop.

Depending on the engineering requirements, it may be necessary to build the connecting tunnel for the future line in advance, but this is just for a short distance.

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