Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lasting values

MR Tan Kin Lian,

Singapore’s ‘worship’ for “pragmatism” is as much an “idol”. In my own analysis, “pragmatism” is only a good tool, but a grave guiding values system. It gave Singapore a jump-start in national survival; but we need lasting values to build Singapore into a nation with its own soul. The years of preaching “pragmatism” now produce the unique Singapore phenomenon we witness in public and private arena.

Cashew Nut.


Dreamer said...

The poor entertained themselves with
music and dance because they had nothing else. They had time but little or no money or food.
The roots of Jazz run deep into such
an enviroment.

The rich entertained themselves with
Mozart, Picaso and wine because they have time, money and food.

In our Singapore society, the majority are neither rich nor poor
Therefore we embrace pragmatism. We definitely have enough food and some may have sufficient money but all do not have the time..
( except the flip-flop generation who are only interested in the latest iphone, Orchard rd and the Ion )

Under the circumstance of high costs of living, low wages, we do not have the luxury of looking inwards and reflect how best to serve others or even ourselves.. we are pragmatic.. we allow others to do that for us.. City Harvest,
NKF, Foreign workers.. and even the Gah'men to watch over our economics..

It will take many more generations to evolve into a community that is more aware of its own soul.

There is a faster way though:

war, natural disasters or anything of a national magnitude that forces a people to come together, take stock and only then will the soul be rediscovered..

Right now, the fabric is just full of colours with different shapes and texture.. it does not have a soul.. pretty to look at nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Only idiots will think they can build a nation on the values of;

- "Singapore does not owe you a living."
- "cheaper, better, faster"
- an elitist society based upon a twisted definition of meritocracy
- calling one of the few unifying icons of Singapore nationhood (the National Pledge) an "aspiration"

- Talk about being out of touch.

- Singapore patriots will need do a lot of hard thinking about who is really loyal to the Singapore dream

- and who really sold out Singapore in exchange for lots of money

- Contrast Singapore's nation building ideals with America's Declaration of Independence

Anonymous said...

"Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" is a famous quotation from a speech by Patrick Henry during the American War of Independence in 1775.

versus the Singapore's equivalent war cry

"Give me my million dollar salary or I won't serve my country"

Anonymous said...

an elitist society is not a problem, but it is a problem when elitism only applies to the people and not government.

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