Saturday, June 19, 2010

Land banking - Look before you leap

Read this article in MAS website.

After all, where there is an opportunity for you to make some money, there is always a chance that you can lose some or all of your money. There is no free lunch. In the case of land banking, you may have seen media reports about investors losing money in land banking schemes in various countries. Some schemes have also turned out to be scams!


StFual said...

Late but it is good advice. I hope the papers pick it up.
Has been added to Wikipedia as well.

Anonymous said...

Good advise but too late for me now. Mr. Tan I have invested more $100k with PG and now and very sad to uncover news more and more each day. They owe me interest more than 1 year now. What is best advise for me and how to do it.
I dont consider myself smart on this. I need help. Pls advise

Anonymous said...

Just add on to earlier comment sent to you. I have documents on the PG matured products that they owed me. I was unable to attend speakers corner and just have found out about that event in newspapers/TV. Hope to group up with rest of victims. Kindly assist me in anyway you can.
Appreciate you help.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate that MAS / CASE have
a column in all the press as:
CONSUMER ALERTS! entitled "Look Before you Leap"
This will will keep wary investors on their toes.

Anonymous said...

Lank Banking has been around a long time ago, but just in a year or so. Enough have been warned in forums and words of mouths, but yet innocent (or greedy?) people still get con into it - similar to other schemes (or scams?) such as time-sharing, car-sharing, properties pooling" etc.

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