Sunday, June 13, 2010

Speaker's Corner, 12 June

Here are some photos:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your efforts in highlighting this issue.

Even if MAS does not want to do anything about it, the ruckus that you've kicked up will have rendered any profitable group an unprofitable one.

The poor, ignorant, ill-informed need to be protected, and not fed to wolves in the name of caveat emptor.

StFual said...

Channel News Asia report and video on the land banking event.

Well done to all who attended.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Tan and All,

What is the outcome of the gathering? I only knew about this from the papers today. I also invested in the land stuff. What avenues do I take now?

Thanks for your advice.

Anonymous said...

Close on the heels of Minibonds, Pinnacles and High Notes where investors looses large retirement funds and life savings, isn't our monetary authorities having their "eyes open " to regulate such dubious investment products such as landbanking . I wonder how many more of such sufferings surfaces before our authorities can really show their effectiveness. Why have a regulatory body when it is not effective and giving people a false sense of security that products sold in Singapore are safe investment. I hope our authorities do not too often adopt this caveat of investing "with your eyes open" but ensuring that investors have a fair deal in their investment.

Anonymous said...

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