Wednesday, June 16, 2010

High speed broadband

Read about the OpenNet. It is exciting.


Anonymous said...

Singapore certainly has invested a lot into "wired" technology.

Ask an obvious question:
Why is there no satellite TV in Singapore?
It seems only foreign embassies are allowed to install satellite TV in Singapore.

Satellite TV is wireless. Content is transmitted direct from satellite into your TV set.

Below is a hyperlink for you to find out more about satellite TV technology.

Mr Obvious Man

Anonymous said...

I got mine done at my residence but have to wait 1 to 2 years before it can be activated.

Anonymous said...

High speed broadband is only as fast as the slowest server. As long as the user need to access the servers in overseas (in particular, Europe and US), they would still be limited to the speed of their servers. Exciting? Not at all to me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, openet is super boring: got to watch more Singapore censored media

Today tou can buy a 100Mb plan from Starhub, but what speed to you get with the real world, outside PapLand? 3, 4, 5Mbps?

Anonymous said...

unless you need to down load a lot of video or super large files everyday than you will benefit more from the higher broadband speed. Otherwise a 2Mbps broadband speed is more than acceptable to most users who just surf the Internet for text base information.

Whether you are a 1000cc car or a highend sport car if there is congestion in the highway, both will just be travelling at snail speed. Likewise if the web servers are slow, there is no different between a 2Mbps or 1Gbps user experience.

We are now in a era where companies/governments will do a lot of marketing on things that are nice to have but not essential. The market will slowly but surely "brainwash" you into thinking that the product is a need and not a want.


Anonymous said...

OpenNet will just be another excuse for them to make you Pay and Pay lol.

Anonymous said...

If you are downloading a file from a server with a upload bandwidth of 1 mbps, it make no different if you are on a 10 mbps or 100 mbps plan, you download speed will be limit at 1 mbps. If you are reading a web page that take 10 second to load, it make no different if you are on a 10 mbps or 100 mbps plan, it will still take 10s to load. For rich media website like youtube, the current speed I experience is about 800kps and 1.5mbps. You can check this when you right click on the video you are viewing, there is this speed info option, it make no different if you are on a 10 mbps or 100 mbps plan or 1Gbps plan, because if you are experiencing lousy speed, is probably choke at the pipe out from here to oversea server or youtube itself is experiencing high traffic. One probably need the high speed for high quality content offer exclusively here, both comes with exclusive fee.

Anonymous said...

Alexa Top 10 Sites in Singapore:

Site - Server Location

Facebook - Palo Alto in United States

Google - Mountain View in United States

YouTube Broadcast yourself - United Kingdom

Yahoo! - Sunnyvale in United States

Windows Live - United States - Mountain View in United States

Microsoft Network (MSN) - United States

Wikipedia - San Francisco in United States

Twitter - Englewood in United States - Plano in United States

All oversea server.

Anonymous said...

I would love to make two points...

1. Many of the content providers already place their
servers here in Singapore. So, when you go to
for example,, you are actually
talking to the server sitting in Singapore. So,
the NGBN will work.

2. Some of the reader are right! Today, Starhub can
give you up to 100Mbps. But the real Internet
speed unfortunately is capped at 2,3,4,5 Mbps or
even lower. This is because, all these provider
need to buy IP Transit from the oversea carriers
and they need to pay for that. The question is
Does IDA pay for that? I don't think so. So,
when NGBN comes, it will only help SingTel in
the MIOTV roll out, as they have not had any
thing that is greater than 25Mbps. And NGBN
will also help Starhub, as Starhub is weak
outside CBD areas. But in terms of delivering
the actual speed of Internet Surfing for the mass
public, unfortunately, it was not mentioned
at all!

So, don't be fool by the huge super big
bandwidth just yet!

Anonymous said...

Even if has a few server out of the many servers over the world that is located in Singapore, is there no way that facebook server will provide you dedicated bandwidth.
Even if so majority of the servers are still located oversea, So what is the utilization of your paid high bandwidth? Very very minimum.
Lets say it take 10s to load a 300kb web page from a yahoo server in Singapore. Speed to load from a yahoo server in Singapore, 30kb/s. It still depends on the server itself and also processing play. Just because you have 100mbps, the page wont appear in the blink of an eye at 100000kps. It will still take 10s to load.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is free. The 3 Telcos belong to Temasek. Openet belongs to the government and JV. In Singapore, there is no real competition, everything is a beauty contest, result is fixed, they need you to pay for it.

Mobile and BB charges have never dropped much over the years, the 3 Telcos maintained very similar and high pricings. Compared to Japan, Australia, and even HK; our prices are exhorbitant.

Openet can be exciting and if they are charging you $100 for 100M download, are you going to pay?

You need to understand, nothing is FREE in SG.

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