Thursday, February 24, 2011

Policy of give and take

An excellent article by Dr. Wong Wee Nam
Also read SGEP

The government has collected a lot of money from the people. It is about time it provides for the poor, the indigent, the sick and the aged and other services that would not draw complaints from the general population. We want long term measures and not “goodies” that could be eaten away in matter of months by rising costs.


Tan Choon Hong said...

Before I could enjoy my so called "goody" of $200 (paid for through overcharging the citizens), I have received a bill from the IRS for an extra $300 in reassessed property tax for this year. And must be paid by 18 March 2011. Give a little, take a lot more!

KT said...

Me too.. I receive a bill from IRS asking me to top up wife relief that I was not support to claim many years ago..

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