Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More money than your neighbours

Hi Mr. Tan,
Thought you might be interested to read this article:


"Making everybody in society richer will not necessarily increase overall happiness because it is only having a higher income than other people that matters," he said.......
Dr Boyce said the study raises questions about whether the relentless pursuit of economic growth was a good thing for the nation.
But he cautioned that economic growth did provide jobs which were an important requirement for happiness not just for the income they provided but for the sense of purpose they gave people.

I agree with the view.
There is no point in pursuing economic growth relentlessly.
The Singapore approach is not good, as it results in a low birth rate, high immigration and will make Singaporeans lose our identity.
It is important to provide jobs for everybody and it can be best achieved by regulating the maximum hours of work, so that the available work can be spread to all those who are willing to work and each person will have more free time for families and hobbies.


spavic said...

Look at the number of unhappy civil servants in Singapore...

The number of teachers who fail practicum are increasing.
Every year there are one to two hundred of NIE trainees who fail Practicum these couple of years.

There are many schools who ruthlessly fail the NIE Trainees on Practicum, forcing them to pay back MOE $60k to $100k in liquidated damages.

The reason for failing is anything from attitude problems of NIE Trainees and inability to teach.

The real reason for failing these NIE Trainee teachers is far from what is on paper.

It is because the schools are unforgiving, overly sensitive and totally blinded by their pursuit for more awards.

Remember how someone chose to sue his opponents, use ISA on his opponents for the slightest reason for a possible threat?

There is something wrong in the way MOE does its recruitment of trainee teachers.
This should be a point to be discussed in the elections.

If trainee teachers are not competent, then they should not be hired in the first place.
Not hire them, then fail them 1 year later during their Teaching Practice - Practicum and make them pay liquidated damages.

Anonymous said...

I might be failing my practicum too.

So may I ask from where you got your failure figures?

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