Monday, February 21, 2011

Budget 2011 - 73% are disappointed

A Straits Times poll said that 73% of citizens are disappointed with the budget. This is unexpected. A citizen give a reason why he belonged to the 73%. Read SGEP or click here.


Singapore's 5 Minute Investment Diary said...

To be disappointed implies that there was still hope (at least before the budget details were announced).

Now, that IS really surprising.

Once again little boys and girls. Repeat after me:
"Anything good, THEY won't call me. If I want CHANGE, then it's up to me to make it happen."

Tan Kin Lian said...

It is a surprise that after spending several billion dollars in a election budget, so many people are disappointed. The government seemed to be quite out of touch with the ordinary people.

DareToAct said...

Disappointment implies possibility of doing better. For those who hope that the electorates will teach the incumbent a lesson at the elections, I think they will be disappointed.

AB said...

Its an online poll, so its not representative because these people are more informed of balanced views whereas those who are brainwashed by propaganda are not online and would not have participated.

captaincaveman said...

I agree with AB. I think the majority of the netizens are either anti-miw or those who have accessed to more information from other sources besides the local msm.

So I would not be surprised that every online poll concerning the incumbent government will have a negative result except those polls conducted by the agencies of the incumbent.

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