Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wine Investment - complaint about cheating

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The company is ISO certified and has won business performance award from Australia.  The local and expatriate executives had high turn over. It started with a nice approach and promised the investment will give a profitable return, once the wine was auctioned at China. The investors hoped that their money can grow somewhere or in good use. The promoters came into the market with a difference objective that get rich by telling one lie after another.

I hope that the Singapore Govt. will investigate into this investment scheme immediately, otherwise it will be another Lehman saga. On the blogs, I asked for assistance on which government department to report to?

You should get a few other co-investors and lodge a report to the Police (who will refer it to the commercial affairs department. If you come to my office, I will help you to prepare the document to file the complaint of cheating. Send e-mail to kinlian@gmail.com


Victim said...

This is another of a few Wine investment cheats. Another is by Assets Wine Management (the couple is on the run and CAID is after them). A group of victim investors have got together on collective action and hired Rajah&Tann legal team to act on behalf, including a Receiver to ascertain stocks and entitlement in the CWT warehouse. They have applied for hearing by hte courts to get back their wine which CWT has placed a lien on it as they claim they have not been paid warehousing cost. All wine wannabe investors - beware! Unless you really know the company has deep pockets and a bone fide wine investment Company, you are more likely to be cheated as all these victims have been than not. I know as I am one victim that has learn my lesson the hard way.

Simon said...

Lehman Brother related sub notes, land banking, spa, private investment firms and now wine. Financial enforcer must be sleeping and the crooks are running wild.

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