Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Locate your car

Many people find trouble in locating their car in a large car park. I faced this problem often – due to lack of attention and poor memory. In the past, I tried to invent a solution, but failed. Now, I have now found a practical, high tech solution that does not cost any money. Here it is! 


spavic said...

fantastic idea!!!

Great creativity. :)

Tan Choon Hong said...

Thank you Mr Tan, for a great idea. I was taught that when going to strange places especially when travelling, it is good to look back in the direction I came so that when retracing my steps I have some visual cues to guide me back. Since phone cameras are so common, snapping a picture beats relying on memory.

silverybay said...


Now I just have to make sure I remember to take a picture everytime I park and leave my car and also delete all the other pictures I took before else I will have to figure out which is which :P

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