Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bus lanes pose accident hazard

I support bus lanes to improve public transport. However, the design of the bus lanes pose an accident hazard. Here are two problems faced by motorists:

  • A motorist move from a side road to a main road that has a bus lane. They have to filter into the second or third lanes, but these lanes are already congested with slow crawling traffic. If they stay in the stretch before the bus lane, they will obstruct the bus lane.
  • A motorist has to enter the bus lane to drop a passenger and to move out. If they do not enter the bus lane, they may have to travel a long distance to drop a passenger. The moving in and out of bus lane can cause accidents.
Do you share this view, that the bus lanes pose an accident hazard?


mr.udders said...

Actually, I think bus lanes penalise commuters unfairly.

That's because all of us pay road tax, but we are deprived from using a portion of the road at certain times of the day.

Hiei said...

Yes, agreed.. I guess the bus lanes are implemented by someone who never drive!

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