Friday, February 25, 2011

Life in Singapore - Utopia or Dystopia

A comparison of the health and welfare system of Singapore and Canada.


yujuan said...

The writer seems like an ex-Singaporean, who keeps tabs of events over here.
Think fellow citizens know about the differences of welfare based on high taxation between Canada and Singapore.
We are not happy with the high income gap, with the system benefitting only 10%, Singapore is only good for the rich and powerful.
Rather pay higher taxes, and have better welfare in healthcare. Yes, we can't even afford to be sick,
and yes, we save just to pay for high medical expenses in old age.
Yes, why should we fight for our country, when the country don't take care of us.

Lye Khuen Way said...

We all know that Canada's Taxation is high. However, the cushion in terms of support for the elderly & sick seem quite worth the price to pay. More comparison needed. Maybe Mr Leong H S can help ?
Another thing, do not forget that we "pay up-front" CPF which is actaully our wages, or a "tax" if you look at it cynically !

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