Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A simple will

Hi Mr Tan, I wonder do I really need a lawyer to draft a simple will for me? I am not wealthy, but just want to make sure my wife, children and my parents are adequately taken care of when I depart. I have quite a number of insurance and investments. Or do you sell any book about writing simple DIY will that is legally enforceable in Singapore?

You can find some sample wills in the internet or in some books written by other people. I do not know the titles. I hope that some readers of my blog will be able to give their suggestions.


Sobri said...

Go to this website. It is helpful to write your own will and a small sum can be paid for INCOME to keep the will for you.


@sobri: the website still ask one to get a lawyer to write a will. Did not see any DIY tips about writing own will in the website.

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