Sunday, April 03, 2005

Visit to Dubai

I visited Dubai. It was my first visit.

I was amazed at the development of Dubai. It is like Singapore, but using 21st century technology.

They are building many new cities, such as media city, internet city, knowledge village, etc. They get the international companies to be based there. The Dubai Marina is a grand residential city, and is nearly completed.

They are also building several large residential projects, such as Palm Jumeria, The World. These are built on reclaimed land in the Gulf. The scale of these projects is tremendous. Each has over 5,000 new residential houses and apartments.

My friend who live in Dubai said that the transport system is not adequately planned. I think that the Dubai planners will also find a 21st century solution to this issue. They have the vision and will to do it.

It is an exciting international city.

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