Thursday, March 30, 2023

Wisdom of the Crowd - New Issues

1. Should China give up its claim on South China Sea?
2. Should China object to western leaders visiting Taiwan?

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Monday, March 27, 2023

Letter to China's ambassador to Singapore

 27 March 2023

Excellency Sun Haiyan
Chinese Ambassador to Singapore
Dear Excellency
I have read your article dated 23 March 2023 posted in your website ( You have addressed your remarks to Singapore’s public and asked the question “What should we do?”
I wish to respond to your question and give my personal views as a member of Singapore’s public. My views are not the views of the Singapore government, but they do reflect the views of a large number of people that I interact with in social media platforms.
I have followed closely the impressive progress made by China over recent decades on its internal development and its diplomatic activities with countries around the world.
Global Security Initiative
I am impressed with China’s proposal of the Global Security Initiative, as set out in the GSI concept paper, and believe that it is a good framework to achieve peace around the world.
I also support China’s efforts to seek a political settlement to the Ukraine crisis and hope that it will eventually be accepted by the parties involved in the conflict.
I do not share the skepticism expressed in some quarters about the GSI or China’s approach to resolve the Ukraine crisis. These efforts will take time to be realized, and I am confident that the goals will be realized with patience and untiring effort.
I believe that the positive role and contribution by China can be appreciated more widely, if China takes steps to address the concerns of countries and peoples (who are otherwise positive towards China) on two issues, namely the South China Sea and Taiwan.
South China Sea
On the South China Sea dispute, many countries in the region (which are generally positive towards China) have concerns over the “nine dash line” and its impact on the UN convention on the law of the sea (UNCLOS).
There are different views about the legitimacy of the claim by China on the areas covered by the “nine dash line”.
Rather than continuing with this dispute, I would suggest that China takes a magnanimous approach by allowing the neighboring countries to claim their exclusive economic zones within UNCLOS, in return for recognition by these countries for the China's right to retain control of the islands occupied by China for its military facilities to protect its trading routes (e.g. from being blocked by unfriendly powers).
If the neighboring counties accept the arrangement on these islands, China will recognize their right to develop the fishing, mineral and other resources within their exclusive economic zone for the benefit of their national development.
China has now reached a stage of its development that it can generously give up the rights to these resources to the neighboring countries.
Some countries, rightly or wrongly, hold the view that China is impatient to take over Taiwan within the near future. This appears to be the source of the tension over Taiwan and could be the excuse for some countries to engage in unfriendly activities towards China.
I would suggest that China remove this “excuse” by taking a more patient attitude towards Taiwan, as it has done in the past.
There is no need to allow other countries to harbor the impression that China aims to take over Taiwan in the new future. If political and military leaders from other countries wish to visit Taiwan, let them do so. They cannot do much harm (over and above what they have already done) and their visits may help the Taiwan economy to a small extent.
I hope that the people in Taiwan will realize that it is foolish to spend a lot of money to build a military capability against the mainland, when the money can be better spent to improve the living standards of the people.
As China continues to make good progress in its development and governance structure, many people will realize that China has a better governance model compared to the liberal democracies in western countries (which are falling apart and getting worse over the years.)
Given time, the people of Taiwan will also realize the advantage of the China governance model. I hope that the day will come, in the near future, that the people in Taiwan will elect a government that seeks to integrate with the rest of China.
I hope that the leaders in China can consider my suggestions regarding the South China Sea and Taiwan.

WOTC - Ukraine war

 Wisdom of the Crowd: 87% of respondents said that America and Europe wants Ukraine to fight Russia to the end.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

WOTC - Ukraine War

 Wisdom of the Crowd: 53% of respondents said that Russia will win the war in Ukraine within the next few months. 47% said that there was be a peace settlement.

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